Kundalini Yoga was always kept in secret. It was never taught publicly until 1969, when Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini yoga brought it to the western world.

Kundalini is also known as the Yoga of Awareness. It is designed to give you, “hands on” experience of your highest consciousness. The practice of Kundalini Yoga balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system, and enables us to harness the energy of the mind and emotions, so we can be in control of ourselves.
Kundalini Yoga works on all eight Chakras. This is yoga for householders, people who have to cope with the daily challenges and stresses of holding jobs, raising families, and managing businesses. It gives results in the shortest possible time.

In Kundalini Yoga, we use Asana (postures), Pranayam (Breath), Mantra (sound Current), Chanting, Mudra (hand positions) and Meditation.. I teach both private and group classes. For more information please e-mail me.

Sat Nam,

Sat Siri Kaur (Sarah Simone-Stern)

Some of my favorite quotes by Yogi Bhajan:
“Keep up and you’ll be kept up.”
“If you don’t see God in all, you don’t see God at all.”
“Love yourself. Love your soul and let go of the past. Past pain is keeping you in pain. You don’t have to deteriorate.”
“The energy of the universe is yours. It is your birthright. Just claim it.”